FluoroShield Reduces Radiation Exposure from Fluoroscopes, Gets FDA Clearance

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Radiation reduction continues to be an important goal in electrophysiology labs, cath labs, and other interventional rooms. To advance this mission, the FDA just gave clearance to Omega Medical Imaging, a company out of Sanford, Florida, for its FluoroShield radiation exposure reduction system.

The FluoroShield uses a very fast collimator coupled with a bunch of artificial intelligence image processing tricks to perform Region of Interest (ROI) solution for radiation reduction. In tests using the company’s platform, the system was able to reduce the emitted radiation by up to 84% in many cases. Of course, in the real world the results will vary.

Since the overall emitted radiation is minimized, the effect benefits both patients and the nearby staff, while the clinical workflow isn’t affected much.

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