Medtronic’s RF Ablation Platform FDA Cleared to Control Pain

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Medtronic won FDA clearance for its Accurian RF system for ablation of nerve tissues. The system delivers radiofrequency signals to heat up targeted nerves, in the process soothing the pain associated with those nerves. Following ablation, the tissue is no longer capable of generating the pain signals, so if the targeting is done correctly the results can be very impressive.

Medtronic’s Accurian system relies on proprietary technology and a quad core computer processor to make sure that the heating is controlled very carefully as to not cause permanent damage to tissues surrounding the targeted area.

The system delivers standard, pulsed, and enhanced procedures thanks to internally cold probes, allowing for different sizes and shapes of the produced lesions. Each channel can be controlled on its own and each is easily identified on the control screen. Following each procedure, a report can be downloaded about the therapy session.

“The Accurian RF ablation platform is a significant addition in my practice because I know I’ll get the same lesion every time in every channel due to how responsive the generator is in managing power and temperature,” in a published statement said Leo Kapural, M.D., Ph.D., a pain physician at Carolinas Pain Institute and Center for Clinical Research in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. “RF ablation requires both precision and flexibility. Accurian is intuitive and easy to use and enables me to easily upgrade the system and perform enhanced lesions with cooled RF probes.”

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