Nyxoah’s Genio Implant for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Cleared in Europe

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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is often caused by the tongue blocking the airway during night-time breathing.  Positive airway pressure (PAP) is the most common way of raising the tongue and allowing air to flow through, but it requires wearing a face mask with a connected hose through the night.

Nyxoah, a company headquartered outside of Brussels, Belgium, just obtained European regulatory approval for its Genio implant-based solution that treats OSA in an entirely new way.

The Genio includes a tiny implant which is surgically inserted, in about 15 minutes into the back of the tongue. It electrically stimulates the tongue, which is, of course, a muscle, to get it out of the way during each breathing cycle. The only thing left to wear is a battery patch stuck on the chin over the implant site, which sends radiofrequency signals that actually activate the implant. The implant has no battery and should be functional for years following since it won’t need replacement.

The system is not yet approved in the USA, but Nyxoah is working toward getting getting the necessary studies and paperwork in order to get FDA’s green light.

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