Withings Releases Breathing Disturbance Sleep Monitor

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Withings, the famous French maker of stylish activity trackers, blood pressure cuffs, and other personal healthcare and fitness devices, is releasing a breathing disturbance monitor. Built into its Sleep tracking mat, the technology can detect many of the instances when a person’s breathing is interrupted. These events can be signs of sleep apnea, which in turn can lead to a variety of cardiovascular conditions. As a matter of fact, Withings is planning to add true sleep apnea detection to the Sleep mat once it received FDA and European regulatory clearances, something it expects to obtain soon.

Sleep apnea is a condition that’s often left undetected, though it’s not hard to spot if someone’s listening out for its loud signals. The Withings Sleep mat can detect breathing, heart beats, and snoring, so this data was used by sleep physician Dr. Pierre Escourrou within the Paris-Béclère hospital sleep lab to develop the breathing disturbance monitoring feature of the mat.

All the sleeping data, including disturbed breathing, is now available through the Health Mate app that shows the frequency and intensity of individual events, as well as a month by month breakdown of sleep.

“Despite its prevalence and serious consequences, sleep apnea goes largely undetected as current tests are confined to the clinical and sleep lab environment,” in a published statement said Eric Carreel, President of Withings. “By allowing people to track the intensity of breathing disturbances, we are helping them identify warning signs early. This announcement is very important as it furthers our mission to bring medical grade analytics into the home and is the first step towards the medical certification of sleep apnea detection which we aim for by the end of this year.”

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